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Best Treadmill For Home Can Make You A Better Runner

Do you want to do exercise at your home? if yes then Treadmill is a good option for the workout. The best treadmill can make you a better runner. So we are trying to tell you that How must the best running machine for exercise at home. At this running machine, stability, adjustability, cushioning LxB are important. View an electric treadmill test for the best model.


Exercising indoors is much nicer when it is cold, wet or dark outside. In addition, walking on a running machine is less stressful for knees and other joints so you train with less chance of injuries.

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Must for the best model

The best treadmill is the model that:

  • Strong enough to run on
  • Durable enough to enjoy the treadmill in 2 years
  • And thus also stable (and therefore heavy) enough
  • Affordable
  • Not too much noise (both for yourself and your housemates)
  • Has a good damping system
  • Wide enough (min 45 cm)
  • Long enough (minus 120 cm)
  • Easy to operate

The best buying tips you see here at a glance:


The weight of this running machine says something about the construction. A construction with a lot of steel is heavier and more solid than a lighter, more plastic-like construction. Of course, it is a job to lift it into place, but that is only a one-off. The solid quality treadmill with a lot of steel runs nicer so you really use it.


A heavier running machine is also more stable. The walking belt gets a lot of impact during walking. A heavier treadmill will remain more stable than light during training.

Walking area of the tire

The more space you have to walk, the easier it is for you to walk and the easier you will keep it. With a broad and long-running surface, you are less likely to step/land alongside the running surface while running. Choose a length and width of at least 45 cm.


42 centimeters feels really narrower than the 45 centimeters so take this seriously because the narrower the tread safer and more pleasant you walk than with a narrow tread. Especially if you train for a longer period or at a high speed, you will not be able to run in a straight line. A wider tread is then even finer


Qua length is 120 centimeters really the minimum and 130 centimeters feels here also a whole lot more pleasant. You look less down and you can focus on the LCD screen, your TV or whatever without worrying. Here too, you want a longer band with faster running and a large step length (with tall people)



The more powerful the engine, the harder you can run with less noise. This engine power is important when you want to walk slowly but of course even more during sprint training. Look especially at the continuous power of the treadmill and not at the peak power. You do not really need the latter because you probably want to do some long training sessions to get better, lose a little more weight for the coming year or just be busy.

Maximum speed

I can run 24 kilometers per hour if I am really full throttle. This is more difficult on a treadmill. Do you walk a maximum of 15 kilometers per hour? Then this is less important because that is possible every treadmill. A more expensive treadmill usually has a maximum speed of 16 or 20 km / h.


Soft walking is good against injuries and also runs just nicer. With rubber underneath and in the tire, the supplier determines this damping while running on the electric tire. With each step, your knees and joints will endure a blow and the harder you walk, the more important this aspect is. A so-called active damping system ensures that this blow is muted and you run better. Fortunately, all treadmills already have such a damping system through the quality of the luxury models is better than the cheap tires.


Perhaps a bit of an open door but also pay attention to the warranty. The length and completeness of the guarantee say everything about the confidence of the manufacturer in his treadmill. Practice, however, learns that a treadmill almost never fails so do not make too big an issue here when buying.


Most treadmill models are electric. With a cord, you connect it to the mains and it is adjustable in many ways:

  • Speed
  • Slope angle (for the really luxurious expensive models to train the slope)
  • Programs with interval / constructive program / time programmable program / surprise program
  • Training on heart rate, via heart rate measurement in the handbars / grips on the treadmill itself or via a supplied or own Bluetooth heart rate monitor


You also have manual treadmills and they are simpler and therefore cheaper. These are then magnetically braked and have no motor to be used through resistance. You can often set them in a number of grades (eg 8 positions) to train as a beginner up to and including the advanced runner. The weight of these and electric models are often a kilo or 100 and therefore not exactly a lightweight. Lifting only upwards is no sinecure and the dimensions are completely set up, they are about 140 x 60 x 140 cm.


I find the price of a treadmill very important. You can watch the Ferrari under the treadmill models but if you realize that a cheap model treadmill costs 400 euros it often becomes a different story. What functions do you really need and do you really need the best brand of the treadmill? In my view, the only thing you really need is a treadmill where you can manually set different speeds. Programs and computers and heart rate measurement functions are fun but not mandatory in my eyes.

A computer of the trainer

The training computer of the trainers gives you a lot of information about the most important training data. In addition, it is also fun to look at the screen with all colors, graphs, and settings.

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You see the Wattage (Watt), the speed (Speed) and revolutions (RPM). You also see a lot of information at the top, such as calories, heart rate, distance and time.

Optimize program during your workout

You can also change the settings in the interim if you want to train more intensively or at least more quietly. Everyone has a super day or less time after a busy day.

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The settings that you can order from the more luxurious models via the computer on the trainer. Think of the:

  • The number of calories burned
  • Heartbeat
  • Trained time
  • Traveled distance

The more luxurious models give you more information and usually, these are:

  • Wattage
  • Training moment in the total training
  • Cadence / rotation per minute
  • Wattage
  • Music settings

Treadmill benefits

  • The softer surface so better for joints.
  • No twigs/curbs and other things to stumble across.
  • Running on a treadmill is easier like an exercise bike because you do not have to take the subsoil, traffic and weather into account.
  • You can also watch TV.
  • Running when the outside is too dark/late/ dangerous or doing other things that are not possible when running outside.
  • In case of an (unforeseen) injury, you do not have to stumble back home for a while, but you are immediately at home, and there is sometimes a physiotherapist in the neighborhood.

Treadmill injury

The risk of an injury is also greater due to the unevenness on the road and the different hardnesses of the surface. The soft, solid surface of treadmills, on the other hand, ensures better shock absorption, so you are less likely to get injured. A personal trainer can motivate you on the treadmill at the gym and you can walk alongside each other at a different speed with a friend (-in). Outside, 1 out of 2 would always have no optimal training.


The big advantage of running is that you quickly build up a good condition and that is both outside and on the treadmill. So you doubt that I would just start on the treadmill and if it goes well just really put on the naughty shoes and go outside. Because you walk within you can physically run ahead with the right motivation. The surface is even, no unexpected things and obstacles and always dry weather.

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