World Expo 2020: A great opportunity allows you to achieve goals

Expo is a world fair. First world expo started in 1851 in London. Expo 2020 is a stage where people come from around the world with their new business ideas and innovations to share. It has become one of the best among international events. Expo brings the world in a common stage where we can find the solutions of basic challenges; these challenges are addressed to us via different themes.

At different time expo gave us different human creativity or innovations. Some of greatest innovations will debut in world expo 2020 like First public convenience designed by George Jennings and debuted at Expo 1851. London, typewriter created by E. Remington and sons and debuted at Expo 1876 Philadelphia. Now Dubai is going to introduce their largest solar power project in Dubai expo 2020. 

What is expo 2020?

The world expo 2020 is going to be held in 2020 in Dubai. Dubai Expo is the first time in expo events will be held in Middle East Asia. This achievement came to the UAE government in November 2013 after two years of planning and hard working. World Expo 2020 UAE sent their bid to BIE to host expo 2020 after supported by 116 countries out of 164. That dream night came to world expo 2020 UAE. Night people of Dubai will a witness of that blast celebration of fireworks around the tallest Burj Khalifa in Dubai expo.

The largest events in expo history

World Expo 2020 is going to be the largest events in expo history Dubai expo. Around 30 billion AED estimated for Dubai expo. Almost 200 countries will take part in this event to show their innovations, business ideas, and the latest technology. To share their knowledge about fundamental necessaries. Millions of visitors will gather that Dubai expo event in 6 months duration. If you have a question in your mind that, what is expo 2020? You need to visit this largest event to explore everything with your vision.

Dubai Expo 2020
The World Fair

It is not only the platform where people come from around the world to show talents and innovations. It is a place where people share their knowledge, business ideas with each other. They discuss the development of their country or other best side. And people will get this opportunity of exploring in Dubai expo.

Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability” for Dubai expo

We will take part in these exhibitions Dubai expo. We will connect a lot of people across the globe and get growth in our business in the world expo 2020.

46000 passengers per hour can be travel

Dubai Expo is the largest event, which is going to be held in Middle East Asia for the first time. This event site is located at south Dubai for Dubai expo, which nearest international airport is Al Maktoum. Dubai government has planned to extend their metro route which will connect people from world expo 2020 to the rest of Dubai. Expected 46000 passengers per hour can be travel by new extension of the metro route in Dubai.

Meeting and even outperformed

The world expo 2020 should be host by the world expo 2020 UAE, because the desires for some individuals and nations will be meeting and even outperformed. Dubai isn’t a place that is known for circumstances yet also individuals exist together paying little heed to where you come from.

Innovative and advancement

This nation additionally has the best foundation about streets and air terminals which will empower free development of individuals and stream of traffic. Dubai 2020 UAE is a nation that is yet creating and along these lines. if it hosts the world expo 2020 it will open up to many chances and financial specialists from the created nations. Because of its potential in innovativeness and advancement. The expo will empower it to understand this by drawing in other invested individuals as well as others with better thoughts on improvement.

An abnormal state of hospitality and regardless

The Dubai 2020 UAE has an abnormal state of hospitality and regardless of whether you are a guest, you will never feel strange. With such a domain many individuals in Dubai 2020 will pick to stay there with their thoughts and set up them there. Thus, if the UAE hosts the world expo 2020, it will be placed in the limelight which will at that point empower it to acknowledge a significant number it’s had always wanted. What is expo 2020 is not a question nowadays?

Benefit of the fashioners

The world expo 2020 should be hosted by the Dubai 2020 UAE, because it has an assortment of structures when it comes to its materials which the world should think about. This will work to the benefit of those fashioners who are searching for something else because they won’t miss it here. Since this nation holds its way of life beyond all doubt, it will be the best time for those who like things about other individuals’ way of life to gain from them in Dubai 2020.

Dubai 2020 separated from its way of life, they likewise showcase different occasions which are essential to them and this makes the spot the best to be in. one won’t just observe a culture taking care of business, yet also, need to be related to Dubai expo.

expo 2020

An occasion to worth recollecting

On the off chance that the world expo 2020 is held in Dubai, it will be painful to a lot of nations. It is midway put to such an extent that arriving won’t be a genuine undertaking. It doesn’t require a great deal of investment to arrive in Dubai 2020. You don’t need to connect a ton to get to Dubai 2020 but instead, it is a non-stop flight. The world expo 2020 whenever held in Dubai, it will make it the best spot for those who need to travel to visit. This is a result of its immense shorelines and the waters. Simply taking some break by the waterside will make the Dubai expo an occasion worth recollecting.

Since the world expo, 2020 UAE has a great deal to offer nearly in each division

The best spot to hold the world expo would be the world expo 2020 UAE. Being in Dubai 2020 would be a life-changing knowledge for all those who might need to take a stab at something else.

4.38 square kilometer space

4.38 square kilometer space has been used to organize this event. Dubai 2020 UAE government has given the contract to Al Wasl Plaza building for this event. A 65-meter dome will be around the top of the building with including in volute steel worked trellis to introduce Dubai 2020 expo logo. That trellis surface will work as a giant screen for projection, which will be viewed by visitors from inside and outside of the building. This building will be made with three large thematic districts.

These Dubai 2020 districts are dedicated to the sub themes of Dubai 2020 expo “Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability”. The power service to this expo site will be polarized. And the site can hold 10 thousand people at a time. Different countries are setting their different theme at Dubai expo site to introduce sub theme district with special pavilions world expo 2020.

Subthemes are Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability for Dubai expo

The gist of Opportunity subtheme in Dubai 2020, we all has the power to shape the future, supporting solutions to social problems through this event world expo 2020. The countries have participated to build opportunity pavilion are, Austria, Belarus, Japan, Monaco, Norway, Saudia Arabia, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ukraine.

We will know here about some opportunity special pavilions and what is expo 2020

Austria pavilion world expo 2020

The Viennese architecture office Querkraft has been selected to design the Austrian Pavilion for the Dubai 2020 expo theme. Austria is going to introduce a 9,000 years old soil to build their pavilion in world expo 2020. Which comprises 47 headless cones and ventilated through using this? The Viennese coffeehouse will welcome visitors to learn why the United Nations lists the institution as an ‘intangible cultural heritage’

The project will cover an area the size of two football grounds. This pavilion is similar to a huge window opening up from the ground to flying into the sky. Showcasing this pavilion will give visitors a look of Saudi Arabia’s growth. This pavilion will represent how Saudi Arabia is maintaining the growth of own and the world’s future.

United Kingdom pavilion world expo 2020

Award-winning artist and designer Es Devlin OBE is set to design the UK Pavilion for Dubai 2020 Expo. United Kingdom pavilion is inspired by late scientist Dr. Stephen Hawking. In which he wanted to show how human can drive himself to hyperphysical civilization in world expo 2020. The pavilion will offer a glimpse into the future to explore all commercialization in Dubai expo.

Switzerland pavilion world expo 2020

With inspired by Bedouin tents Switzerland will show the cultural value and innovative ideas of their country in Dubai 2020. This pavilion is offering a great rooftop view of Dubai expo with some authentic Swiss taste in pavilion restaurants in Dubai expo.

Ukraine pavilion world expo 2020

Ukraine pavilion Dubai 2020 will give smart living, smart thinking and smart feeling atmosphere to visitors. The Ukraine pavilion will teach how bright ideas and innovations can help to make a bright future. The pavilion will also use picturesque flora to create a restful ambiance for visitors in Dubai expo.

Other opportunity pavilions are Belarus pavilion, Japan pavilion, Monaco pavilion, Norway pavilion in world expo 2020.


The gist of mobility sub theme is, looking for those areas where humans are getting better approach by digital connectivity in Dubai 2020.

Some special mobility pavilions are going to be placed at the Dubai 2020 expo event.

China pavilion world expo 2020

This Dubai 2020 is the largest pavilion under the theme of ‘Building a community with a shared future for mankind innovation and opportunity”. Chinese pavilion will be designed with Chinese and Western culture. There will be 3 main features in China pavilion, 1st is Innovation in the theme, 2nd is innovation in the architecture design and the last one in innovation in the exhibition in Dubai expo.

France pavilion world expo 2020

Clément Blanchet Architecture in collaboration with Etienne Tricaud (AREP) designing this French pavilion for Dubai 2020 expo. Visitors to Dubai 2020 expo will feel like hauled to the amazing vision of the country’s stable future. The design is made of glass and steel. You will be surrounded by waves of light when you will be entering the building in Dubai 2020.

Polland pavilion world expo 2020

The pavilion will features with a showcase with “kinetic flocks of birds floating over visitors”

dubai expo 2020

Other Mobility pavilions are Belgium pavilion, Baden-Wurttemberg pavilion, Republic of Korea pavilion, Emirates pavilion, Finland pavilion, Oman pavilion in Dubai expo.


The gist of sustainability sub theme is needed to live in balance with the world expo 2020. Here in Dubai 2020 expo event alternative sources of water, food, and energy will be introduced in world expo 2020.

Some selected sustainability pavilions are here described in Dubai 2020.

Germany pavilion world expo 2020

The Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) has designed the Germany pavilion for Dubai 2020 Expo event. It is designed as a vertical campus, which combines technology and nature.

Spain pavilion world expo 2020

Spain based architecture studio Amann-Canovas-Maruri has designed the Spanish Pavilion for Dubai 2020 Expo event. The pavilion is based around a large square on which several large domes have been constructed in Dubai expo; these domes will be constructed using recyclable materials such as wood, iron, and fabric in world expo 2020.

Other sustainability pavilions are Azerbaijan pavilion, Czech Republic pavilion, Brazil pavilion, New Zealand pavilion, Netherland pavilion, Sweden pavilion.

Enjoy many arrangements

Expo means an event Dubai expo where people not only come for gaining knowledge or sharing business ideas. People gather here for world expo 2020 from across the world to be entertained also. There always you will enjoy something new with comedy, cultural, music programs. Many arrangements of entertainment you can see in Dubai expo 2020.

Theatrical and musical performance

A Forsan amphitheater will be made in front of Italian pavilion. There will be a capacity of the audience with 4,000 standing and 2,500 seating. Al Forsan will arise in front of in the public park, front of Japan, US, Germany pavilions in world expo 2020. More than 1000 artists will perform the show for this six months duration at Dubai expo. You will see there, Italian artists to perform theatrical and musical performance in world expo 2020.

Gathering of artists, creators, the businessman will give Dubai expo a glittering look. You will get a chance to participate in many games, activities and other sessions at world expo 2020.

Food will be another experience

How could we miss the food chapter when we are visiting a world fair? Expo is a world event. Where you will get the chance to taste a lot of different dishes across the globe. There will be 200 plus foods and drinks outlets. Encountering old dishes to street food will be another experience for you in world expo 2020.

More than 25 billion visitors will come from across the world, in that 75 percent are from outside of Dubai. Food team of all country in Dubai expo will have similar priority; they will serve to you snacks, chocolates, main courses, beverages and many more in world expo 2020.

World’s famous chefs will be at one place in that six months duration at Dubai expo. Their cooking skill and aroma of their food will stop you at every turn in Dubai expo. Throughout your visit to every stall should be the purpose of your good health. You will find foods in your budget in the world expo 2020.

Lets guide you about tickets and hotels for the Dubai 2020 expo event

Dubai Expo 2020 will be held from 20 October 2020 to 14 April 2021. Tickets will be available on Dubai expo official website. Or you can reach to authorized re-sellers network or direct to the gate of Dubai 2020 expo event.

The ticket cost of Dubai 2020 expo event follows & what is expo 2020

One full day ticket is to cover Dubai 2020 expo, valid from 10 am to 1 am on weekdays and 10 am to 2 am on weekends. It will cost you ADE 120. Three days ticket to cover Dubai 2020 expo, Validity same as one day ticket in world expo 2020. You need to follow the official website for a season pass or monthly pass for Dubai expo 2020. Six to seven years child and students will get a 50 percent discount on the world expo 2020 ticket. Child below 5 years and senior citizen above 65 years will enter Dubai 2020 expo event at free of cost.

Hotels near Dubai expo 2020

There a lot of Emirates hospitality are waiting for you in world expo 2020. For public convenience the UAE government placed this Dubai 2020 expo event at near many hotels. Hotels are suitable for all class visitors will be coming from across the world.

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