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Hamstring and Quadriceps Thigh Exercises to Lose Weight

Hamstring and Quadriceps Thigh Exercises to Lose Weight

Hamstring and Quadriceps Thigh Exercises to Lose Weight: Do you need some Exercises to Lose Weight? Does exercise alone help you lose weight? When you want to lose weight, it is important that in addition to exercises, you consume a low-fat diet. People that workout, however, does not extend after the session. It is essential to stretch after the exercise to lengthen the muscle mass. The outcome will certainly take around 4 to 6 weeks to be obvious.

Lose Weight with Hamstring & Quadriceps

Hamstring Exercise

The hamstring is an excellent exercise for weight loss. Stand on your feet, which should be shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees a little. Currently, slowly bend ahead below your waistline. Twist a little to your right, and clasp hold of your right ankle joint with both hands. Bend a little more, as you push your upper body in the direction of the floor.

Hamstring exercise to lose weight

Currently, hold this position till you count 20. Launch your ankles and gradually come up. Then repeat the very same on your left side. Repeat this at least 10 times on both sides. It will help you shed fat around your gluteal muscular tissues and also your hamstring. This is one of the best Exercises to thigh Weight loss quickly.

Quadriceps Exercise

Wall surface Squat

Females and Girls can try Hamstring but mostly Quadriceps is recommended for girls. You can do this with a ball as well. Lean your back on the wall. If you are using the ball, place it at your lower back. Maintain shoulder distance between your feet, as well as maintain your feet at a distance of a foot from the wall surface. Point your toes slightly in an outward direction.


See to it that you put an equal amount of weight on both legs. Remember to keep your heels well put on the floor, do not raise your heels. Press your glutes as you slide down to a squatting placement. Keep in this position till you count 10. Come near the beginning position, and also repeat the activity 15 times.

Pinhead Squat

This is similar to a wall squat. The only difference is that you do not lean on the wall surface, and you need to hold a dumbbell in both your hands. As you decrease as if you’re sitting down on a chair, make sure your knees do not cross ahead of your feet. Keep in this position till you count 10, as well as repeat it 15 times. If you are doing this at home, as opposed to dumbbells, you could use a bottle loaded with water, in both your hands. The effect will be the same as utilizing pinheads.



If you are working out at a gym, you can take advantage of a barbell too, nonetheless, it is not a requirement. Stand with shoulder range in between your legs. Maintain your body directly. Currently, take a deep step ahead with merely one leg and lower your body. As you do this, keep in mind to keep the knee of the leg behind locked, as there is a possibility that you will certainly injure yourself.

You should aim to touch your back knee to the floor. Do this for a minimum of 15 counts per leg. Repeat the same treatment with the other leg too. You can do this whenever you have some spare time like breaks at your office etc. This is one of the best simple Exercises to Lose Weight naturally.

More Exercises to Lose Weight quickly

Inner Thigh Exercises

Above we have discussed for hamstring and quadriceps. Here we are describing some inner thigh exercises to lose weight. These exercises give results greatly and you feel amazing with those normal and daily enjoy full workouts –


This is one of the most effective tasks. Touch the soles of your feet to each other, as well as keep your back direct. Draw the soles as close as you should to your body. Maintain holding the feet, as well as push the feet to the ground. This will use some pressure on your inner thighs. Currently, attempt relocating your legs as though a butterfly flaps its wings. Repeat this at the very least 25 to 30 times. Then, hold with pressed your thighs on the ground when till you count 20.

Resting Leg Lifts

Lie on one side on a mat. Support your neck with your hands. Make sure your feet, as well as hips, are one on top of the other. Currently, bring the leg on top in front of you. Lift the bottom foot off the ground to around 6 to 8 inches. Hold in this placement till you count 20. A slight variant can be to raise and bring down your body, without touching the flooring. Repeat this for the other leg. This task will certainly help you melt fat also.

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Doing these hamstring and quadriceps exercises thrice a week will assist you in dropping weight too. On each alternative day, you could undertake some aerobics to accelerate the procedure. If you feel more fat with your thighs just follows the Hamstring.

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